Polaris Management, Inc.

"Polaris Management, Inc."

About Us

Polaris has collaborated with the CEOs and senior management teams of more than 35 companies across the US to accelerate their growth and maximize their valuations.

That work may start with helping a company assess its overall opportunities and challenges, and craft a strategy based on its best pathways to faster growth and higher valuation. If the current strategy is sound, Polaris can help ensure great execution on that strategy, which may involve business planning, new initiatives, operational improvement, optimizing the customer experience, mergers and acquisitions, and organic growth efforts across product, marketing, and business development.

Polaris also works directly with private equity investors and venture capitalists to help maximize their return on investment, e.g., by shaping or executing on an investment concept, including conducting due diligence.

Why Polaris?

No “formulas” – deliverables are specific to each client’s unique needs

Intellectually rigorous (grounded in best practices and current thinking), yet always pragmatic and practical 

“Connects the dots” – between strategy and tactics, between today and the long term, and across functions

You are a catalyst for my catalysts.– CEO at a Polaris client

“Mary Anne built an outstanding foundation for growth.” – CEO to whom Polaris president Mary Anne North reported

“You ask great questions.” – Many Polaris clients

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