Technical Lead/ Architect

We  are looking for someone to join us as our technical lead / architect who  will own the architecture, development, and deployment of a new SaaS  web application for product marketers. This is very much a first employee/potential co-founder type of role. You’d be joining two co-founders with a ton of domain knowledge around the problem, the  target market, and the current solutions. We’re very experienced on the  marketing, sales, product management, and operational sides of the  business, so we’d really be looking for you to come in and own the  technical product development for the company.


Your Responsibilities


Pre-MVP Responsibilities
  • Architect MVP and define tech stack based on a user story map, user flows, screen mock-ups, and an object map
  • Develop the back-end components of the application using modern development techniques (containers, AWS, etc.)
  • Oversee development of a modern responsive web app front-end for the MVP
  • Test the application for functional and performance requirements prior to production deployment
  • Manage the development project including any contractors needed for additional dev work


Post-MVP Responsibilities
  • Maintain MVP with bug fixes and new features as customer feedback rolls in
  • Re-architect application by breaking up into microservices for scalability as needed
  • Build out the technical side of the company with developers, testers, designers, ops, etc. as the company grows
  • Define technical practices and processes for the organization
  • Other completely reasonable stuff that we haven’t thought of yet, but we’ll figure it out together



Who We’re Looking for


You Are:
  • On board with How We Work and want to bring on more people who also want to work that way
  • Experienced in architecting a new web application (or at least a large component of one) and making tech stack decisions
  • More excited than scared about being the first technical hire
  • Stoked about having control over how a new application is built and having a huge say in how a new company is run
  • Already thinking about the first few people you’d want to bring on board with you
  • Able to grow beyond MVP development and manage a product development  organization as well as the operations of the SaaS production product
  • Not a fan of being called a hacker – we’re looking for someone who  wants to build a solid product that provides real value to our  customers, not crack open a UNIX system to lock the doors before a  velociraptor eats us
  • Not an asshole – we think it should be apparent in How We Work, but just in case, we don’t work with them
  • Looking for a fun challenge – we know coming into any company at  this stage is going to be challenging, but we’re super excited about it  and plan to have a lot of fun with it
  • The type of person who takes their work seriously but not so much themselves


Job Type : Full-Time
Education Level : Bachelors Degree, Masters
Experience Level : Mid to Senior Level, Director
Job Function : Engineering, Development
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