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THE FAST WAY TO DIVE DEEP INTO ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING. Get the hands-on knowledge to really make Account-Based Marketing work for you, your team, and your organization—whether you’re a novice or an experienced ABM practitioner. Created by marketers ...

INTRO VIRTUAL REALITY DEVELOPER PROGRAM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS The High School Introductory Virtual Reality (VR) Developer Program prepares students to understand the elements of immersive experience design and Unity, an industry-standard XR ...

Deep learning innovations are driving exciting breakthroughs in the field of computer vision. Robots and drones not only “see”, but respond and learn from their environment. Autonomous cars avoid collisions by extracting meaning from patterns i

Reinforcement Learning | 7/6/2020 - 7/8/2020

Reinforcement learning is transforming the world around us, enabling exciting advancements in self-driving vehicles, natural language processing, automated supply chain management, financial investme

How much does the executive team communicate with engineering? Is a manager really spending time with their team? How often should a salesperson speak with a customer? The reason we can't answer these questions is a lack of

This program supports summer interns working at local tech companies and is open to all students. Join us for the Welcome Session of Learn More and Register Here

Over the next few decades, industries around the world will transition to a new economy in which highly complex, customizable products will be manufactured by on-demand flexible robotic systems. This

This course delves into an evidence-based, innovation-driven, problem-solving approach called Participatory Design. Pioneered by MIT D-Lab, Participatory Design is a process that engages the individuals who are affected by the challenges and will benefi

Learn the fundamentals of additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers, metals, and ceramics, along with those for emerging materials (e.g., nanocomposites, biomaterials) and complex architectures. This fast-paced five-day cours

Biotherapeutics has improved the lives of millions of patients around the world. In the past few years, major advances in biomanufacturing analytics, analytical technology, and machine learning have deepened understanding o

This course explores how product architecture, platforms, and commonality can help a firm deploy and manage a family of products in a competitive manner. We will examine both strategic as well as implementation aspects of t

MassTLC Mingle | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Learn More and Register Here

Join members of BNT’s 50k network to: See 8 innovative and exciting local FinTech & Blockchain demos, presented by startup founders Network virtually with attendees from Boston, Austin and beyond Ask the founders your questions Please ...

Channel Mechanics is delighted to announce registration for their forthcoming Webinar: “Pitfalls To Avoid When Launching your International Channel” with guest speakers, Justine Cross, Managing Director, EMEA Channels and Nehul Goradia, Co-Founder, ...

Deep learning is widely used for many artificial intelligence (AI) applications including computer vision, speech recognition, robotics, etc. While deep learning delivers state-of-the-art accuracy on many AI tasks, it requires high computational complexity

MIT Downstream Processing course | 7/20/2020 - 7/24/2020

Continuing discoveries in molecular biology, genetics, and process science provide the foundation for new and improved processes and products in today's biochemical process industry. The production o

Design and Analysis of Experiments | 7/20/2020 - 7/24/2020

This program is planned for those interested in the design, conduct, and analysis of experiments in the physical, chemical, biological, medical, social, psychological, economic, engineering, or industrial sciences. The cour

This course aims to teach a suite of algorithms and concepts to a diverse set of participants interested in the general concept of fitting data to models. It starts with mostly simple linear algebra and computational methods and introduces some more dif

Inclusive business provides a bridge allowing for both the commercial viability of products and technologies in emerging markets and the benefit to base of the pyramid (BoP) populations as consumers and producers. Adopted b

This virtual meeting is for the Women and Talent Communities on how to Building a Stronger Workforce Learn More and Register Here

Learn More and Register Here

Crisis Management & Business Continuity | 7/27/2020 - 7/31/2020

You know the odds are high that your company will suffer a disaster or crisis at some point. You cannot say you weren't ready; today's extreme public and government scrutiny demand that you should have been prepared. MIT's Crisis Management and Business Co

The transition to becoming an engineering leader is one of the most promising, yet challenging experiences that engineering professionals can face. The promise comes from becoming a new kind of professional; one who can mobilize sometimes-conflicting indiv

Designing Tomorrow's Cities | 7/27/2020 - 7/29/2020

Designing Tomorrow's Cities is a three-day workshop that will teach participants to design and synthesize digital-based solutions and new experiences for future cities and human environments. The wor

In Enabling Innovation: Designing Research Facilities, you will explore recent trends in the design and operation of facilities designated for advancing and facilitating innovation, research, and development. Led by MIT experts, you will d

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