8th Annual Secure and Resilient Cyber Architectures Invitational & Training Event

Monday, May 7, 2018 8:00 AM - Wednesday, May 9, 2018 5:00 PM (EDT)


Continued development of cyber resiliency concepts, analytic approaches, and engineering guidance depends on consensus among practitioners and researchers based on their collective experiences. The purpose of the Invitational is to expand awareness, share experience, learn from each other, and reach agreement on the ideas and techniques that are proving effective in cyber resiliency.

An optional tutorial on the afternoon of May 7th (the day before the main invitational) is available for attendees who want to better understand both the basics of cyber resiliency as well as the current state of the practice.

The mornings of Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9th will feature keynotes and briefings by government, industry, and academic leaders to provide a common frame of reference and stimulate discussion of new ideas. The afternoon of both days will include breakout sessions designed to provide an opportunity for interested parties to expand upon topics raised in the morning sessions and topics of common interest. The first day concludes with a social from 4:30 – 6:30 pm for all attendees. Commercial vendor booths are available throughout Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9th.

The afternoon breakout sessions will include discussions on:

  • The recently released initial public draft of NIST SP 800-160 Volume 2, Systems Security Engineering: Cyber Resiliency Considerations for the Engineering of Trustworthy Secure Systems. The breakout session will provide the participants the opportunity to ask questions and offer comments to the authors
  • A series of table-top exercises demonstrating how to achieve cyber resiliency without having to detect the adversary
  • Operationalizing Cyber Resiliency: The breakout session provide attendees the opportunity to share experiences, unmet needs, and challenges that they anticipate or have encountered in operationalizing cyber resilience.
  • Employing adversary focused frameworks (e.g., MITRE's Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK)) in conjunction with cyber resiliency solutions to help counter advanced cyber-attacks.
  • Cyber Resiliency in Weapons Systems: The breakout session will provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss challenges in making weapon systems resilient as well possible ways to bring policy, technology, procedures and expertise to bear on the problem.

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Monday, May 7, 2018 8:00 AM - Wednesday, May 9, 2018 5:00 PM (EDT)
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