2/3/2023 - 2/5/2023


Join us for our 48-hour social good hackathon. 

Hosted by Brandeis University Hybrid: in-person and virtual • February 3-5th, 2023 Deishacks partners with 14 non-profits in and around our local Waltham, Massachusetts community. 

The event is a hybrid format, from Feb 3-5, 2023, on Brandeis campus (Faber library).

We identify various pain points for the organization; these are turned into actionable prompts for Deishacks. Students signed up for Deishacks decide which non-profit they want to work with based on what speaks to them, form teams, and have 48 hours, identify a solvable problem, ideate solutions, iterate on the best one, and present to the judges of Deishacks a minimum viable product. (our website: 

Deishacks is open to all students involved in higher education, and we offer prizes for both technical and non-technical hacks (projects with code and cad/projects specifically without code and cad). The prize is $500 in value for first place; there are also prizes for first and second place (there are two distinct prize pools for technical and non technical categories). 

Additionally, we will have speakers, mentors, and other support for students to learn skills they previously didn't know or get help realizing a goal or dream for a project that they have. Members of industry will be in attendance as well– so Deishacks is a great place to network and make some connections! 

If you or your school is interested in participating in Deishacks, we would love to have you! Please sign up at, and reach out to us at Again, signups are currently open!

Brandeis University and hybrid

Waltham, MA United States
2/3/2023 - 2/5/2023
Hybrid: in-person and virtual • February 3-5th, 2023
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