Bentley University, Waltham, MA

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018 (12:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
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Transform is an exclusive day for senior leaders to come together for high-impact conversations – through guest speakers and facilitated discussion – on how your industries and businesses will need to transform today in order to thrive in an exponentially changing business environment in the next one to three years.

The day will include two guest speakers who will focus on readying your workforce and adapting your technology, products and services as we continue headlong into an AI-centric and data-driven world. The speaking sessions will be followed by facilitated discussion with the audience members, providing a forum to ask questions, stimulate reflection and creative thinking, offer insights, and share experiences among peers.

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Registered Guests(67)

Daniel Davis
Kirk Arnold
James Daniell
Terry Ledger
Alex Joy
Deborah Theobald
Sumeet Sabharwal
Dave Krupinski
Lynda Applegate
Trynka Shineman
Tye Brady
JP Beaudry
Mohamad Ali
Jeff Levinson
William Denstedt
Mike Kinkead
Renee Foster
Steve Conine
Edward A. Sullivan, Jr
Jeffrey Hoffman
Derek Schoettle
Matt Chisholm
George White
Donna Levin
Brittany Greenfield
Lisa Habig
Thomas Martin
Robert Seaver
E.Y. Snowden
Rob Beeler
Bob Meindl
Yogesh Gupta
Tracey Zhen
Ruya Atac-Barrett
Kathleen Mitford
Chris Selland
Anthony Williams
Bill Willard
Aaron Sawchuk
Wayne Sawchuk
Barry Fougere
Shereen Shermak
Richard King
Steve O'Leary
Phyllis Barajas
Daniel Serfaty
Brent Kleiman
Elizabeth Hailer
Cameron Kerry
Jose Ramos
Anant Aggarwal
Ralph Sheridan
Lynn Bailey
James Tracy
Sophie Vandebroek
William Kerr
Jerome Selva
Rich Berkman
Jasmijn Rompa
Tom Ryden
Alok Bhargava
Mary Jo Meisner
Dan Bricklin
Max Versace
Jonathan Hart
Guy Vachtel
Yuval Vachtel
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Sara Fraim
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