BIPROGY Inc. looking for partners to achieve our long term vision, "Total Human Communication Support Robot", together.


We, BIPROGY Inc.,  have been providing Japanese DX solution provider for many industries for decades.

Our R&D division, Technology Research & Innovation Center, is looking for partners, in New England Area especially technology providers, who have any one of the technology elements in the statement below, to achieve long term vision together.

Please take a look at our vision and its overview. If you are interested in it, please contact us.


~Resolving omissions, discrepancies, and hassles in communication (considering context, diversity, and mental models)~

Vision overview

AI translates according to the recipient, so communication (including non-verbal) can proceed smoothly.

By facilitating mutual understanding, misunderstandings will be eliminated, and a world will be created in which neither the communicating party nor the communicating party will have to spend extra effort and time.

Vision Statement

Smooth communication is difficult when people communicate.

When communicating, the atmosphere of the place, the context before and after the line, the spaces between the lines, the gestures, the winks, and other parts that are not linguistically expressed or that cannot be expressed as words are also important. Mistakes” can occur. Furthermore, it is necessary to express and phrase based not only on the diversity of the other party but also on their mentality.

We will develop a communication support AI to solve these problems and realize a future where there is no misunderstanding and consistent communication.

At the place of communication, devices and robots equipped with communication support AI are placed to provide appropriate support according to the situation. People communicate based on that support.

For example, when it is difficult to express in words when caring for an infant or caring for the elderly, if emotions and intentions can be conveyed correctly, it will be possible to reduce the stress on both sides that arises from the time and effort involved in communicating, and reduce childcare and caregiver fatigue. Babies and the elderly can also reduce the frustration that cannot be conveyed and the time spent in an uncomfortable state.

In conversations between doctors and patients, the doctor's words are difficult, and the patient's complaints are difficult to convey. also rises. Doctors will have more time for self-improvement and rest, and the quality of care will improve.

Even in work instructions and meeting minutes at a company, by conveying intentions concisely and correctly, and by taking into consideration the feelings of the other party, the time spent worrying about misunderstandings and wasting time can be reduced, and motivation can be improved.

Even in daily conversations, if conversations that read the atmosphere are carried out smoothly, unnecessary conflicts will be reduced, and people who are not good at communication will be able to communicate actively.

By becoming able to communicate smoothly in this way, stress and trouble will be reduced, creating a sense of leeway, and a peaceful society will be created where free time can be used effectively.


Expire Date : 9/30/2022
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