“Do the Math'' - Employee Wage Gap Calculator from BWWC


April 20 is Boston Equal Pay Day based on the data we collect from you, our Compact Signers, biennially. And while this date comes nearly five weeks later than National Equal Pay Day, we believe our numbers to be a more accurate reflection of real wage gaps because of the way our data is collected - right off your payroll systems versus through the Census.

Our call to action has been to “Do the Math'' and today we are excited to introduce a new tool that allows you to do your math easily and more frequently. The BWWC, in partnership with the Boston Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, is launching the Employee Wage Gap Calculator (www.wagegapcalculator.org) a completely confidential online resource that enables employers to calculate their own wage gaps within seconds of inputting their data. Our hope is this easy-to-use tool will help employers look at their numbers more frequently, allowing more immediate action in removing systemic barriers to women’s advancement.

Measuring organizational wage gaps allows employers to take ownership of this issue by providing the information necessary to understand when power gaps are at play. Taking stock of the gaps is not just about equal pay for equal work. The work that will really move the needle is addressing what we call the ‘power gap,’ which occurs when women, and especially women of color, are not promoted at the same rate as men in an organization.

Please visit the Wage Gap Calculator today and feel free to share this exciting new tool with others both within and outside of your organization. The more we do the math, the better equipped we become to address the changes necessary to eliminate gender and racial wage gaps.

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