Remote Interviewing Software Platform for Technical Teams


During this work from home new normal time, we want to enable recruiting and technical teams the ability to collaborate and interview candidates remotely with no interruptions in their hiring goals. Filtered allows teams to create lightweight technical assessments for all roles including data science, engineering, front end and 200+ other functions at all levels of experience.

Filtered is equipped to assist with the following:

Remote Paired Programming (generally done onsite with your motion)

Remote White-boarding (no software for anyone to download) to replace a schema or algorithm final round onsite

Fully automated asynchronous technical assessments covering 95% of technical roles (including front end, back end and full stack engineers, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data analytics engineers etc. are all covered)

Filtered is giving away our enterprise edition for free to companies that need virtual ways to cope with interviewing technical talent remotely. Contact us now and we will get you one-boarded in 30 minutes or less, free of charge; it’s the least we can do to ensure great talent is hired by great local companies.

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Expire Date : 6/18/2020
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