Ensure clean returning employee laptops ServiceNow based solution


As organizations plan to open up post-COVID and employees come into office one of the major concerns is that they would have installed unauthorized software on their laptops while they worked at home during the COVID crisis. This is a security and potential vulnerability concert for the organization's CISO and cyber security team.
Our ServiceNow based solution provides a solution to this problem by auto-capture software and licensing information running on user machines and servers (including employees, contractors, field/remote workers laptops) and to prompt removal of any software that has been blacklisted. Our solution is seeing a demand due to return-to-work, post COVID. Please see the video link below for a demo of highlights of our solution.



Our list price for our solution is $1.00 per month per user machine. For this special offer we are reducing our pricing to $0.75 per month per user machine. There is a minimum of $1000 per month for licensing our product.

Also, since our solution runs on the ServiceNow platform, we will need ITSM module of ServiceNow implemented prior to using our solution. ServiceNow licensing and implementation fee is not included in our licensing price.

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