4 Topics that Matter as a Product Marketing Manager

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Thursday, February 8, 2018 (8:00 AM - 10:30 AM)
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Building great products takes a group of committed, focused, and passionate team members who play their positions to the best of their abilities. Clearly defining roles and responsibilities is crucial to delivering the right product at the right time for the right set of target customers.

The product marketing manager is responsible for defining the market position within the context of the overall product strategy. They must not only align closely with the product manager but with the sales and marketing teams to deliver a successful product that exceeds customer and market expectations.

But how does all this happen and how come the product marketing manager role is often misunderstood?

MassTLC is launching a new Product Marketing Manager peer group that will gather like-minded individuals to tackle the toughest challenges, share best practices and network with PMMs in tech that want to connect and learn from others.

In our first meeting, we kick-off with each of our presenters defining Product Marketing and their role within their company. They will each share their framework and how their team works across the company. We’ll then break into small groups and take a deep dive into the four very relevant topics of interest listed below. Join us to learn, share and network.

1. Organizational Planning Needs for Product Marketing
Discussion lead: Rich Weiss, Director of Product Marketing, Predictive Index

It’s not my first rodeo, but I find myself at a crossroads again, do I organize my team around a given product, a functional area or services? In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of how different organizations approach their organizational planning needs for Product Marketing.

2. The Role of Product Marketing in Go-to-Market
Discussion lead: Nancy Darish, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Launching a product or just releasing new features every few weeks takes considerable cross-functional effort. However no two organizations are structured the same way, so chances are there is confusion around who does what. In this session we’ll discuss different approaches for defining the role of product marketing within your organization for a successful launch and better internal collaboration.

3. Enablement Done Right For Sellers, Partners, and Customer Success
Discussion lead: Brian Gladstein, Senior Director of Product Marketing, CarbonBlack

Marketers spend a lot of money generating awareness and demand, but it can all go to waste if your selling teams are not properly enabled. In this session we’ll talk about some of the most common traps with enablement and how to avoid them – so you can build great sales tools, deliver training that sticks, and get the best performance from all your selling channels.

4. KPIs and Measurement in Product Marketing
Discussion lead: Sam Feldman, Product Marketing Manager, Trello 

While every other aspect of marketing is data driven, product marketing has lagged behind. The challenge stems from product marketing serving so many different constituents all using different metrics, tools, and time horizons to measure themselves. While even the most experienced marketers will admit metrics are a constant work in progress, we'll take a look at some common approaches to measurement.

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